How we work


Obtaining EU subsidies is a long-term process, which requires active engagement not only of the consulting company, but of the entrepreneur as well. Due to this fact, our offer is not only based on elaboration of call documents, but also on preparing the client to participate in the application procedure, helping to finalize investment ideas, and constant support during project execution

1. Analysis of opportunities to receive financial support

Analysis and verification of investment plans, paying special attention to available EU funds and the potential to obtain subsidies. Recommendation of the most suitable project, considering upcoming requests for proposals.

2. Elaboration of call documents

Preparation of application for co-financing and additional documents, e.g. feasibility study, business plan. We offer help to establish partnerships with scientific and research units.

3. Project monitoring during evaluation

Consultations with awarding institutions during evaluation of the application. Correcting and providing suplementary materials for the application. Additionally we help with closing the deal on co-financing.

4. Settlement of obtained subsidies

Preparation of reports and settlement documents in accordance with requirements of the programme (technical and financial reports, final report, and application for the subsidy payment).

5. Preparation for control and review

Support during evaluation visits by intermediate body. Consulting and help with preparation of project documentation for evaluations.