SIEGMA-CONSULT has operated in the consulting sector of Poland since 2007. From the beginning, we’ve specialized in raising non-repayable, external co-financing mostly from the European Regional Development Fund in order to execute our clients’ investment projects.

Thanks to many years of experience, we possess comprehensive knowledge about the possibilities of obtaining co-financing and the proceedings connected with this process. Due to our arduous work and full engagement in every project, our success rate exceeds 90%. Our clients have implemented capital projects for more than 400 million PLN thanks to co-financing from the European Funds; we have won more than 200 million PLN in subsidies for our clients.

Due to the fact that the execution of each project is long-term, cooperative effort, we offer a complex support system, ranging from identifying company’s needs, through elaboration of call documents, to the stage of account settlement.

Our second area of expertise is organizing sales in foreign markets. We advise enterprises in choosing the best export channels and instruments for export development. We conduct an exhaustive market analysis for our clients, taking into consideration specific sectors and sales channels, resulting in an evaluation of market potential and development perspectives.

On behalf of our clients, we search for partners at the target markets. Additionally, we organize meetings with potential partners and help our clients to build sustainable relationships with suppliers and buyers.

Our own extended business network includes both regional and international contacts. Since 2012, Siegma-Consult has been a member of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce; since 2014 we’ve been a part of the Aviation Valley Association, one of the most dynamic, developing clusters in Poland, comprised of members who are world-class suppliers for the aviation industry.

We always listen to the needs of our clients, as they provide us valuable knowledge about market demand. Due to our holistic approach and combination of knowledge and experience in different industries, we understand the problems that companies encounter and provide them with advice according to the current economic environment.